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Project Posters
How do I post a job?
If you don't have an account yet, you can post a job by clicking the big button on the homepage. Or if you already have an account; you can login and click on the first link in the top navigation bar. It'll walk you step by step in an automatic wizard.
How do I invite freelancers to view and join my project's discussion?
Simply go to Browse Workers in the homepages or when logged in, and filter and find freelancers that fit your criteria. On their profile page, you will see a link at the top right that says 'Invite To Send A Bid For Your Project'. Select which project and send them a note and they'll be notified.
How do I send bid invitations to freelancers I liked in discussions?
When logged into your account, go to My Jobs at the top and find that project. In Q&A discussion, scroll down and find a comment and next to that freelancer's picture will be a small button labeled 'Actions'. Click on that button.
How do I cancel a project that I longer need done?
Just go to My Jobs, and find the project. Find 'Edit Project' on the right side navigation bar and select. Below that navigation bar, you will find the 'Cancel this Project' text in red.
Is there a way to make my project private from the general web?
At this moment, there is no way to make any project private. Any project details (minus documents) can be viewed from non-members. However, they cannot download your documents or enter the discussion board if they are not a registered freelancer.
What are some security measures to make sure I don't get ripped off?
Financially speaking; we use an Escrow system to fund and release payments for milestones, so you don't have to release the payment if work is not completed. The Closed Bidding System and Q&A discussion makes choosing the right freelancer for you a much more efficient process.
How can I see project jobs that I have up now?
Just log into your account and go to My Projects, you can view all the jobs you have going on currently, and which ones are also cancelled and completed as well.
Will I be notified of new comments and bids?
Yes, you will be notified by email when you get new alerts. The alerts will also show up in your dashboard and navigation bar when you log in.
How do I change my password or email address?
To change your password and email address; simply log into your account and go to 'Settings' in 'My Account'.
How do I create a freelancer account and how much does it cost?
It is free to use and sign up, you only get charged a 10% fee from a released milestone payment when work is successfully completed. To create an account, simple click the text link underneath the big button on the homepage or 'Register' at the top right.
How can I send my bid for a project?
Go to the project's page and click on the link in the blue box at the top. We also suggest you join in on the discussion board where you can show off your communication skills, your technical skills, and work ethic.
What's my monthly limit of how many discussions I can partake in?
Currently, there are no limits to the amount of discussions you can join. However, keep in mind; you should stay focused with a small amount to "win" over the project posters.
How do I cashout or see how much balance I have?
When a milestone escrow is released from the project poster, that amount is automatically processed and ready to transfer over to you in 7 days. However, you must first setup a payment method (by check or Paypal) in your 'My Account' then 'Payment Settings'.
Is there a way to see the past history of released payments to me?
Go to 'My Account' while logged in and select 'Transactions History' on the right.
Where are the projects I am currently contracted to work on?
Your list of current projects will be listed on the Dashboard page when you first login. To view other projects that are completed, go to 'My Projects'.
How do I see what discussions I commented on?
Simply login and go to 'My Discussions' on the top navigation bar.
How do I see my history of bids I've submitted?
Simply login and go to 'My Discussions' on the top navigation bar. Once there, click on 'Submitted Bids' on the right side navigation bar.
Where can I change my email and password?
Login into your account and go to 'My Account' and you can change your name, password, email, and origin in 'Settings'. On 'Edit Worker Profile' on the rightside, you can change more details about your freelancer profile that is available to buyers.
Billing & Payments
What's the fees to use this site?
This site is entirely free to register an account and use. This goes for both project buyers and freelancers. There is a 10% fee charged to a freelancers that comes out from successfully completed work. So let's say you release an Escrow milestone payment for $100. The freelancer would then get $90 credited to their account. Since we only get paid when work is successful; it keeps us honest and focused on making the site better instead of (like other sites) focus on how to nickel and dime the users.
How do i get paid?
When a milestone escrow is released from the project poster, that amount is automatically processed and ready to transfer over to you in 7 days. However, you must first setup a payment method (by cheque or Paypal) in your 'My Account' then 'Payment Settings'.
How do I send a payment to a freelancer?
When you create a milestone on your project, you fund that milestone before the freelancer begins work on it. You can pay with any major credit/debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. It's all 128bit encrypted and with Stripe's API, so you know it's all 110% secure and legit. Once the freelancer completes the job, you then go to review the work, and if completed successfully; you will release that Escrow payment to him.
How can I see my past history of invoices?
To view a transaction history and also print invoices, go to 'My Account' while logged in and go to 'Billing' on the right side.
Is your site secure enough for my credit card information?
We never actually store your credit card information on our servers. We use Stripe as our payment processor, so what happens is when you enter you credit card info; it will encrypt that info and send it to Stripe via API. Once Stripe confirms your card, it will send an answer back to our system. We then let you know if it was successful or failed. Our site's payment system falls under PCI compliance and encrypted with the latest 128bit SSL certificates.
Where can I go to file a dispute claim?
If there is a disagreement, you can take it to the next level by submitting a dispute claim. Log into your account, and go to that project from 'My Jobs'. Then click on 'Dispute Center' on the rightside to access the form.
How To's
How do I search and find workers?
Simply go to Search Workers in the homepages, or Browse Workers while logged in. You can then filter out the results by different attributes on the right.
How do I search and find projects to work on?
Go to Browse Projects in the homepages, or Find A Project while logged in. You can filer through the projects and find one that suits you.
How are payments made?
Payments are made to the freelancer by releasing an Escrow that you funded for a milestone. You only release this when you are shown the completed work from the freelancer.
How do I access the project management tools?
Log into your account and go to 'My Projects' and find the project that you want to manage. The different tools available to you will be on your rightside.
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