Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 1, 2018
This is the Privacy Policy for Freelancify Company and all our related services and products. It describes how we protect your information, how we never give it out or sell it, and how the information that we collect from you as you normally use Freelancify is used by us. By accepting the Privacy Policy during registration or by using the Site, you consent to our collect and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. During this Privacy Policy, we use the term "customer" and "users" meaning any users of registered in our system and site visitors. We use the term "staff" as the people behind Freelancify's work team.

How We Protect Your Information

Any of the information you input during anytime while using Freelancify is never sold, rented, or disclosed to anybody outside of staff. This information is also protected by the highest security safeguards in the industry to prevent anybody using illegal tactics to try to collect this information from any of Freelancify's properties (servers, website, database, etc.) This same policy falls in place for all information in our main website, blog, and forums.

Your Use of Other Person's Information

You agree to have all consents and rights use and input other people's information into the Freelancify software. If you use illegally obtained information from people, you are solely responsible for this non-compliance to Terms of Service.

What Information Do We Collect

We do not collect personal names, emails, addresses, or any contact information for any buyer or freelancer accounts created in Freelancify. We only collect general information about the user's activity amount by measuring quantity and types of projects, how many credits they use, how many milestones were created and funded and released, and how they interact in the discussion boards; in which we use to make the site even better and more efficient for the customer. Any company documents and news are not collected or used at all.

How We Use Your Information

We use general information we collect from you to come up with statistics to give us a better idea of what customers use and what they don't and how we can improve the system to better fit trends.


Security is taken very seriously. No sensitive information inputted anytime during Freelancify's website or software or forum or blogs will be accessible to anyone outside of Freelancify's staff.


Any questions and concerns can be directed to our team via the contact page here during Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM (UK).