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A country of hermits hidden deep at the foot of the Himalayas, it is hailed by the world as "the farthest from the world and the closest to heaven".
The blue sky is deep, the clouds are rolling in the clouds, the solemn Zongbao overlooks the valley, and the legends of gods and demons are echoed in the valley. The believers in the forest push the lonely sutra pipes. Everything returns to the beginning. This is the kingdom of Buddha!
How to visiting bhutan from usa

Traveling from the U.S. to Bhutan is easy now. What you need to do is to fly from the U.S. to Bangkok in Thailand or Singapore, and then take your Bhutan visa and transfer to Bhutan by flights of Royal Bhutan Airlines or Druk Air. Another choice is that since Bhutan is close to Nepal and India, you can also fly to Kathmandu in Nepal or New Delhi/Kolkata in India first then transfer to Bhutan by flight or land. As a well-experienced Tibet travel agency running Himalayan tours for more than 15 years, we provide you with various travel routes from the United States to Bhutan.

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