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Get the attention you deserve for your project. Not only will you get all your questions answered; you'll get to know the freelancers and get a preview of their work ethic, communication, & skills.

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Better filtering tools for choosing bids

Often times, it can get quite overwhelming when trying to narrow down the field of bid proposals to just one. We included a great layout to rank and take notes for each bid.

Quality matching is what it's all about

Not only do you evaluate the freelancers, they can also see if your project fits them as well. Making sure the match is great: trust, skillsets, cost, chemistry, etc. is what matters the most.

Levels the playing field for freelancers

Freelancers can distinguish themselves apart from the rest by providing great service. Other sites, freelancers stand out by who's cheaper; at Freelancify it's who's the best for the job. Freelancers can also call out other freelancers and also report others for violations and unethical behavior.